About Us

Discover what sets us apart from other marketing firms.

We're an agency providing outsourced marketing and sales, along with access to our own network of promoters.

Who We Are

e-Business Holdings Group was formed in 2012 to bridge the gap between niche publishers on social media and the advertisers who seek their promotional services. Today, we specialize in designing and implementing tailored "cost-per-action" promotional campaigns in business, legal and financial niches. We actively partner with and recruit individuals who can deploy our advertising materials across social media and user-generated content sites. Because we take the time to fully understand both our advertisers' and promoters' needs, our campaigns achieve consistently high success rates.

We can deliver outsourced marketing professionals, sales and marketing related consulting services, sales training and administration to the professional services, and technology industries. Our advertising clients receive custom tailored outsourcing solutions, strategies and dedicated sales teams in place and fully operational -often times in 30 days or less!

e-Business Holdings Group retains its sales talent from its national database of marketing professionals, while maintaining a concentration of talent from within the highly competitive and diverse economic environment that can only New York City has to offer. Our focus is client based: First, learning to understand each unique client situation and then providing turnkey solutions, specifically tailored to the current challenges facing your sales process.

Why Us?

We're unique in our consultative approach to helping dramatically improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts. We believe that no one knows your business better than you, so ours is a collaborative approach delivering carefully considered, objective recommendations and solutions designed to initiate new selling programs or augment your existing sales campaigns. This approach, based upon over twenty-five years of sales and marketing experience, combines state-of-the-art sales and marketing innovations with the invaluable input received through maintaining close relationships with your in-house team of sales experts.

Flexibility and experience enables us to deliver a wide array of outsourced selling solutions. Each client is carefully addressed and matched with a sales program that fits their business requirements. We provide our marketing professionals on a temporary, full-time or project basis. Our goal is to deliver a cost-effective and productive way for clients to achieve their sales objectives in the most efficient possible manner.

In today's highly competitive economy, salespeople are under increased pressure to produce revenues for their companies. The challenge of maintaining an optimal mix of prospecting, while spending the necessary time in face-to-face meetings or direct selling opportunities, has become not only become more difficult, but increasingly important. Effective lead generation by a professional and well-trained staff can greatly assist.

We promise to deliver client-focused selling solutions quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary processes provides flexible, cost-effective alternatives to building costly in-house sales teams and campaigns. We train our sales professionals to represent your company and products, as you want, offering a seamless model for sales growth that has proven to produce dramatic results for our clients.

Solving your most urgent sales-related challenges effectively and economically is what makes us "The Source for Outsourced Marketing Professionals."


Can e-Business Holdings Group help companies located outside the USA?

We currently serve a number of internationally based companies and organizations headquartered in Europe and Asia. Offering international clients assistance in the areas of outsourced sales, telemarketing, recruiting, lead development, sales training and market research, we help our clients gain valuable access to the markets they want to reach and penetrate.

While some companies seek help with the sales management of their U.S. based operations, most engage us to perform as their own in-house sales department here in the United States. Our team will deliver marketing professionals with specific client requirements, including multi-lingual abilities and specific product or industry knowledge.

We also deliver consulting services designed to assist international companies who wish to increase the productivity of their existing U.S. based sales divisions.

The Key Benefit Our Team Brings to International Companies

The high cost and time-consuming process of establishing a sales team and building a presence in the United States can be greatly reduced by selecting us as your selling partner. Whether you are planning to test market a new product or service, or seek an exclusive sales agent here in the U.S., we will help you establish a market presence quickly, efficiently and economically.

We will provide your company with a staff dedicated specifically to you, selling your product or service in the manner which most closely adheres to your requirements, objectives and standards.