We take the hassle out of keeping everything running smoothly.

Paperwork and keeping track of moving parts doesn't have to be a headache for your company.


Our team delivers complete human resources and administrative functions designed to support your outsourced sales team. Whether you are located in the U.S. or internationally, we take the responsibilities of commissions, benefits, payrolls and governmental filings out of your hands, so you can focus on running your business.

In keeping with our general philosophy, we seek to deliver the services to our clients in the manner, which best align with their needs. Whether you prefer to place our sales professionals directly on your payroll or rely on us to outsource all the administrative details of human resource management, we are ready to deliver fast, efficient service in as little as thirty days.

Database Management

We have developed the technology allowing us the flexibility to accommodate most database management software tools. Our efforts in providing seamless client support allow us to integrate a clients' database for use by our sales teams, when requested.

Our proprietary database of marketing, telesales and telemarketing professionals is maintained and updated regularly, providing clients fast access to quality pools of sales talent.

Our in-house, web- based database management platform delivers state-of-the-art Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management capabilities, allowing our clients to access records, reports and actually track the progress of their dedicated sales teams, real time.

Our investments in technology and experienced technicians have enabled us to provide our clients with flexible and innovative support solutions in database management.


Our technological capabilities can deliver a wide array of customized reporting, detailing sales projections and the progress of the campaign. We can provide reports daily, weekly, monthly - or with any frequency you wish. Clients also have the ability to track, real-time the progress of each sales executive as they perform their activities.

After the recruiting and training phases have concluded, the Sales Team Manager will manage the team's daily activities, operations and progress. Team Managers interface with client executives and oversee the team's activities ensuring the sales team is operating at peak efficiency and fulfilling client objectives.