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Prairie Tumbleweed Farm
Would you pay for organically grown, quality-tested tumbleweed?

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Prairie Tumbleweed Farm
Organically grown, quality-tested tumbleweed!
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Linda Katz created a fake website which advertised tumbleweeds for sale. She never expected people to actually place orders! Her tumbleweeds each sell for $15-25 plus shipping charges... She gets orders daily from individuals and businesses, and says it isn't unusual for one customer to order several hundred tumbleweeds at once

She's been running the Prairie Tumbleweed Farm business for over a decade, selling her tumbleweeds to customers such as TV studios, wedding planners, artists, interior designers and exhibit organizers.

The Prairie Tumbleweed, often called the Russian thistle, was introduced into the United States in the last century hitchhiking in imported grains from Russia.

Linda Katz says "I can tell you, we at Prairie Farms are mighty thankful that the good Lord provided them for us. Back then some ranchers encouraged its growth thinking it to be a feed source for livestock in more arid regions of the country, like here in Southwest Kansas. That didn't catch on, but the practice of using them in home decorations, unique Christmas Trees, and natural landscaping caught on here as well as throughout the country. With the "Southwest Look" so popular in Santa Fe and Aspen and catching on throughout the country. Some of the more elite stores in Aspen and Rodeo Drive , carry decorative Tumbleweeds."