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Extraterrestrial Real Estate
Meet the man who claims to have made $50 million dollars by selling over 7.5% of the Moon.

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Extraterrestrial Real Estate
As of 2013, Dennis Hope claims to have sold over 611 million acres on the Moon, with 200 orders coming in daily.
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An app whose only function is to text "Yo" to someone is valued between $5-10 million USD.

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In 1980, Dennis Hope started his own home-based business, which he named the Lunar Embassy Commission. In 2009, he claimed to have sold 2.5 million 1-acre plots on the Moon, for around $20 per acre. As of 2013, he claims to have sold over 611 million acres, with 200 orders coming in daily.

Although there is no clear law on space property rights, many individuals continue to buy lunar real estate through the Lunar Embassy Commission. The business's previous customers even include former presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

The Lunar Embassy Commission business currently sells lunar plots on 15 separate regions of the Moon, priced between $20 to $38 per acre.

Customers are limited to purchasing a maximum of 499 acres through the business's website, however larger orders can be placed by directly contacting The Lunar Embassy Commission.