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The Fake Foot
Ever been driving down the road and see one of those fake feet hanging out of the trunk of the car in front of you?

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The Fake Foot
Yup, someone paid for that—about $10—helping to make someone else crazy rich.
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Today there is a flurry of companies offering various artificial limbs as gag gifts.

Although the original product idea turned into a successful business venture, it has also caused trouble for police. On Thursday October 21, 2010 just before 2:00 p.m., an Overland Park police officer was dispatched to the area of 121 st Street and Metcalf on suspicious activity call. The officer was informed by the police dispatchers a motorist saw a bloody foot hanging from the trunk of a car.

The investigating officer contacted the citizen who saw and reported the incident. This person told the officer she was sure the foot was part of a child’s severed leg. She described the vehicle and provided the car’s license plate number. A vehicle registration check was made and the officer went to the registered owner’s home but could not locate anyone immediately.

Later that afternoon another officer returned to the house and made contact with the car’s owner. This officer immediately determined the “severed foot” was a Halloween decoration.