Discover how our sales expertise can benefit your company.

Leverage our highly specialized knowledge to support your current ongoing sales process.


Our mission of providing the finest outsourced sales solutions has, at its core, our unique consultative approach. Beginning during our complimentary initial consultation, our executives gather valuable information and offer helpful insights prior to full engagement. Throughout our work with your company, we will engage in regular consultations designed to gather beneficial information, while developing your customized sales strategies and solutions.

Our belief in utilizing the invaluable experience and knowledge base of your in house experts, allows us to leverage our methodology to deliver the most effective result for our clients. Our team will provide you with an in-depth sales and marketing analysis and incorporate it into a comprehensive program focusing on your corporate image and culture.

Our consultative approach is the hallmark of our success and the very foundation of our methodology. We believe it is this approach that has made the difference in delivering superior results for our clients. By design, we include consulting in our corporate name.

e-Business Holdings Group, "The Source for Outsourced Marketing Professionals"


Although many of our campaign strategies and techniques are only disclosed upon inquiry, our flexibility, creativity and experience enable nimble adaptation in unique and customized campaigns for our clients. Keen attention will always be paid to such critical support elements as marketing performance, projection analysis and economic influences along with market and competitive forces, to name just a few.

Our team will create and develop a targeted marketing message and approach, delivering it in a clear and concise way and in a manner consistent with your company's ideals and culture.

We will collaborate with you in setting clear measures for success and issue regular reports as to campaign progress and projections.

Our campaigns can be formed as an initial test, preceding a wider product launch or as a full-scale turnkey effort to establish or reestablish your brand, product or service. This approach provides clients with complete planning through execution stage sales support. Delivering outstanding sales results for a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourselves is our mission.


Our team can also assist you in developing effective sales and marketing campaigns designed to provide your company with a targeted marketing program. We will collaborate with your team to create direct-marketing materials, promotional and advertising campaigns, client profiles, sales-team support, sales-force automation and customer-relationship management tools, public relations and complete execution support.

All designed to help boost your sales efforts; we work closely with your team of experts leveraging their insights into your products, markets and competition.

We define marketing as "any activity, which supports and enhances product image, awareness and brand recognition, the end result being an increased likelihood of successful revenue generation." In short, any activity, which makes the salespersons job easier.

Our longstanding relationships with web developers, printers, designers and public relations experts strongly support our own marketing experts in delivering your company's message in the most professional and effective manner.


We have a number of ways to help you regarding the recruitment of sales professionals. When it comes to outsourcing sales, our database of marketing professionals, telesales and telemarketers is designed to identify candidates who will be most effective for your organization. We take time in understanding your needs and develop an ideal profile for a sales candidate. Then, we screen and identify those individuals who most closely match your criteria. Our assessment and analysis process delivers those salespeople who will perform best for you, based upon the variables we have identified, during consultations with you.

We understands that, in many cases, our marketing professionals perform so successfully for a particular client that an offer of permanent employment is extended. We do not believe in standing in the way of progress or true career fulfillment. Therefore, in such cases, arrangements can usually be made for a smooth and equitable transition.

Our database of marketing professionals has enabled us to become quite successful in performing executive searches and recruitment services for clients seeking quality salespeople. Further, our access to the most diverse and deepest pool of sales talent that only New York City has to offer, enables us to deliver sales candidates possessing a wide array of talents and skills.