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e-Business Holdings Group is structured to be flexible in the ways it can assist your efforts to build revenues and realize your company's sales-related objectives. In serving businesses and organizations worldwide as "The Source for Outsourced Marketing Professionals", our mission is to provide a wide array of sales-development tools and strategies, designed to increase your ability to build revenues and capture market share quickly and efficiently. At the heart of these tools is our consultative approach to outsourced sales.

We deliver individual, highly targeted selling tools, designed to provide immediate support to your existing or future campaigns. We also provide turnkey selling-solutions to lead generation along with an entire suite of strategies. Our outsourced web, telesales and telemarketing services offer a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to building a sales campaign entirely in-house. We even offer an outsourced sales management solution, providing clients with experienced sales managers equipped with the latest technology and sales management techniques.

Why Outsource?

Sales and marketing outsourcing has become a popular business tool that enables a company to add to or develop a new sales department in a relatively short period of time, all without the high costs of recruiting, training, managing and retaining an in-house sales force. A major challenge to the efficiency and overall effectiveness of any sales force is having the ability to maintain an optimal mix of time between prospecting selling in face-to-face meetings with clients and prospects.

As your company grows and the need to expand and diversify your operations develops, you may be faced with a common dilemma: how to increase revenues quickly, while keeping costs to a minimum. The first impulse for most businesses is for growth to be delivered internally. However, today's fast paced business environment dictates results that must be delivered quickly, economically and efficiently. In a number of ways, internal development can be more costly than outsourcing the process. Through sales and marketing outsourcing you have the capabilities to quickly and effectively compete with larger more dominant competitors, test-market new products and territories, maintain flexibility and effectively manage the costs of expanding your business.

Outsourcing has become an integral element in every industry and for organizations of virtually any shape and size. This trend has been increasing at a phenomenal rate, particularly among smaller high-growth companies. According to the Outsourcing Institute, sales outsourcing now comprises approximately 10 percent of the total outsourcing market and is projected to grow at an annual rate of 30 percent, making it the second-fastest-growing outsourcing category.

Traditionally, companies use sales outsourcing to expand into new territories, or more often, to test new sales methods or launch new products. Within rapidly growing companies, hiring a sales team and developing a sales process often diverts a company's attention away from focusing in on its core products and services. By outsourcing the sales process, companies can maneuver more effectively by relying on the capabilities of the sales outsourcing company that already has these systems and processes in place.

Here Are Some of the Top Reasons to Outsource Sales:

  • Lowers start-up costs and monthly expenditures
  • A sales force can be established in a reasonably short time-frame
  • Improves existing sales force focus, allowing concentration on core competencies
  • Seasoned professionals can be utilized without the in-house price tag
  • Simplify the benefits, HR and administrative functions
  • Expenses can be managed on a month-by-month basis
  • Programs can be concluded quickly and painlessly
  • Simplify managing and controlling internal sales functions

A company executive must be comfortable with the outsourcing process. A very close, controlling management style may not be well-suited for an outsourcing situation. Strong company leadership, with trust in the outsourcing company and its methodologies, must be in effect for the outsourcing relationship to be successful. Goals and reporting requirements need to be established and monitored on a regular basis enabling both companies to review key strategies and results.