We provide an expert sales force tailored to your needs.

We'll make sure your optimized sales process is executed by an able and knowledgeable sales team.


Our approach to sales and sales team training is quite focused. We provide sales team training and development, designed to sell our client's products and services, the way and in a manner our client's wish. We believe every client, product and situation is different. In fact, to some extent, every salesperson is different and that is why we take this subjective approach.

We teach our (your) salespeople to sell effectively based upon each individual case, knowing that the same approach simply does not work for all products, services, clients or purchasers. Recognizing that every product fills a need for the end-user, we employ a solutions-based approach combined with strong emphasis on product awareness and differentiation. In some cases, a product "feature" oriented approach may be more appropriate than the "consultative" technique. In others, the opposite may be true.

We concentrate on making sure that our sales people possess a solid understanding of all the elements that make up the selling process. So, we'll spend time on marketing materials, sales-force automation and customer-relationship management tools, competitive landscape and role-playing.

We concentrate our efforts on teaching how to help get your products sold, developing your prospects through all phases of the sales cycle. And on finding the sales people to get them there. We'll leave all that motivational stuff to other sales companies. We simply don't believe that approach works. In fact, we believe that successful salespeople are either motivated or they aren't. Ours are!

Product Training

It can be theorized that the best salesperson is the most knowledgeable about the product being sold and about those he/she is in competition with. We all know there is more that goes into the making of a successful salesperson than just product knowledge. Without a thorough understanding of the product and market being sold, there can be little chance of long-term success.

We devote a great deal of effort to this area. First, we study your product and market, thoroughly, making sure our training executives are clear in their understanding of your product or service. We collaborate with your in-house experts in developing an effective base of knowledge, tailored specifically to the selling process. Then, we provide our sales professionals with the facts they will need to sell effectively.

During our training sessions, we first build a solid product knowledge base. Often we invite members of your in-house teams to contribute. This approach enables our sales professionals to learn and establish a firm foundation from which to initiate an informed and effective delivery of your product or service. Generally within a few days, our sales professionals possess a knowledge-base forming a solid foundation for moving to the next stages of training.

Script Writing

Having established a solid foundation, we now proceed in the development of an effective sales delivery message. We work closely with our clients as we learn to understand the nuances of how you want your products and company represented. We study those techniques which have been most successful for you and incorporate them into our message.

Painstaking efforts are made to insure that our deliveries never sound scripted or canned. We believe however in the value of a basic sales script for training and development purposes. We also understand that every salesperson is somewhat different, so by providing them with training in the delivery of the standard message, we can insure that all pertinent facts are being represented in a clear and methodical way.

Our team is dedicated to delivering your company's product or service in the exact manner which you desire, professionally, politely and effectively.

Role Playing

Once the sales delivery message is developed, our training and sales professionals engage in a series of role-playing exercises. Incorporated into this process is training in the area of "handling common objections" and the recording, study and evaluation of each sales professional.

Collaborating with your experts, we highlight those objections commonly encountered by your in-house staff to insure maximum effectiveness of our teams before they encounter live-customer contact.

No salesperson will "go live" until he/she has displayed a level of competence, proven satisfactory, during these exercises.


Feedback presents an integral element of our training process. We encourage your experts to participate during the role-playing exercise. This serves to identify final stage adjustments, which may be necessary. Further, it fortifies your understanding of the fully dedicated team's readiness, prior to full client contact.

The repetitive nature of this exercise has proven essential in reinforcing those key elements which the sales professionals are most likely to encounter and the precision with which they address them.